The grant

The Voronoi grant by WVIRCM

Everyone with a fair understanding of Processing can become a maker of a Voronoi sketch and even get a grant. Read the way we are asking you to do it.

Just start this way: Go to Search for LPM 2013. Edit the sketch you get. Change the parameters in the sketch.

See what happens with the picture 🙂

Here is a ‘parameter setting‘ you can try out. Look for the picture you shall get as a result. Try different parameters to get an understanding of ‘Parameter [user driven] creativity’. If you like to take part in the ‘competition’ – let´s call it better ‘the team’, then send get in contact with Reiner Schneeberger. He is in charge of the design of the sketch, let´s say the ‘user interface’. The part of Dietrich Scheringer is more the coding side. Dietrich has a degree in math and works as leading instructor for Java at Control Data Training in Nürnberg. Reiner will select some sketches that fit best for use 1. in a live performance and 2. for educational purposes as he is a long time promoter of art & informatics. For each selected sketch there will be a payment of 500,00 Euro. The sketch itself shall go to ‘open use’ as described in You have not ‘to sell’ the sketch, you make it available to everyone, just your name will be included as the maker. Also ‘the team: you, Reiner, Dietrich‘ will be mentioned in a fair way when the sketch is presented, published and used. You may ask for details.

Besides the 500,00 Euro there is much more you get 🙂 Just keep on reading and try 🙂

The way we are asking to do the Voronoi coding:

… coming soon

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